From the beach to the bedroom

I can’t deny that Emily and I have created some amazing images together, we have this connection that I definitely don’t get from every model. Its nice to work with someone that knows exactly what you want before you can even say a word. Emily also seems to be a favorite amongst fans of my work…I mean..can you blame them?


Exploring with Megan

Megan and I decided to do a little exploring/picture taking on a very cold rainy day.We headed out to Lake Hodges dam and trekked down the man made trail to the entrance.

Note: This area is very dangerous and prohibited to enter, I do not condone anyone to enter the premises.

Built in 1918 Hodges dam was built and created Lake Hodges itself which when completely full is about 115 feet deep. Unfortunately with the images below you can’t see the full extent of the dam but honestly, no image I’ve seen can show how massive this place is. Inside are multiple rounded doorways that lead to rooms upon rooms upon rooms all of which are decked out with graffiti. A walkway along the top (as seen below) lines the dam from left to right.

Although freezing, Megan killed it that day and we got some great images and even better memories!


The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, a once popular tourist attraction now a deserted wasteland.

PHOTO: The dried corpse of thousands of fish that line the lake.
PHOTO: The Salton Sea, a desolate lake.dsc_5137
PHOTO: One of many abandoned buildings that were once populated with life.




PHOTO: Many forms of art displayed on the buildings around the sea.dsc_5158
PHOTO: The salt that has taken over the structures in and around the sea.dsc_5178dsc_5195
PHOTO: The dark chocolaty waters that now rest in the sea.img_0166