Anime Expo [AX] 2017

Other than the extremely long line to get badges this year and the horrible organization of the whole process, once inside, tired and out of energy, I pushed through the crowd and still managed some decent images. The cosplay this year was so so and I somewhat feel that slowly less and less people are dressing up these days. Is cosplay dying? I hope not, honestly, cosplay is the main reason I go to AX and if it were to die off I’m sure they’d lose quite a bit of attendees including myself.







From the beach to the bedroom

I can’t deny that Emily and I have created some amazing images together, we have this connection that I definitely don’t get from every model. Its nice to work with someone that knows exactly what you want before you can even say a word. Emily also seems to be a favorite amongst fans of my work…I mean..can you blame them?